Here at Rocky Monster Vet Care we are conveniently located to offer a full range of veterinary services at affordable prices to the communities of South Denver, Englewood, Sheridan, and Lakewood. Our services include vaccinations, spay and neuters, blood work, x-rays, dental services, and general surgery. Please call for pricing of any services not listed here.



General Services


General Exam $50
Dental Cleaning Starts at $580   *includes full mouth dental x-rays and bloodwork
Spay Feline Starts at $160
Spay (Canine) Starts at $161
Neuter (Feline) Starts at $130
Neuter (Canine) Starts at $161


Vaccinations (Canine)


DHPP $20
Rabies $20
Leptospirosis $20
Bordetella $20
Bi-valent Flu (Influenza) $40.80


Vaccinations (Feline)


FVRCP $25.25
FeLV $24.42
Rabies $20

Rocky Monster Vet Care
3602 River Point Parkway, Unit D.
Sheridan, CO 80110


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