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Because Everybody's Little Monster Deserves To Be Treated Like Family

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The Why And How Of Rocky Monster

Why did these two women want to start an affordable care clinic?

The answer is simple: Love.

Love of animals, love for each other, and a desire to assist people in caring for the animals they love.

The two of us have had significant experience working in rescue shelters with animals that had been forgotten, abandoned, or mistreated. That experience brought us together. We learned how to give compassionate options to people in the form of basic care and education. We worked together through very challenging times, but our shared commitment always kept us coming back for more.

Looking to deepen our commitment, we decided to open a clinic together and do our part to make affordable veterinary services and truly compassionate care possible for more people and the animals they love.

When you follow what brings you true joy by assisting others, ideas start, opportunity knocks, you leave your fear behind, and you answer the door with a smile, an open heart, and the belief that it can be that amazing because in your vision it is.

The RMVC Team,

Dr. Jamie Charlie

Anna Keller

Rocky Monster Vet Care
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Sheridan, CO 80110


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